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Shelancia Daniel

Welcome to Sew a Little Love

Please join our thriving community of sewers that Sew a Little Love!

About Me

This group was founded by Shelancia Daniel, founder and director of the Creativity Shell.  The purpose of this group is to connect makers with organizations in the community that need hand made items such as Love Bugs, Love Hugs, Literacy Cubes ,Pillowcases, Quilts and more... to support their organizations. 

Why You Should Join Me

The Creativity Shell has been receiving so many requests on where to send Love Bugs, Love Hugs and Literacy Cubes it has been amazing!! We've created this network as a way to connect makers with organizations in need of hand sewn items.  Members in this group can view requests for items such as Love Bugs, Love Hugs, Literacy Cubes, Pillowcase, Quilts and more!  Members will also have access to free workshops/classes, meetups and more!

Membership to join this group is $25/annually.  Some of the places where we are shipping items to house children in schools, shelters or other places that help children that are recovering from trauma, illness or other health/mental health diagnosis.  Funds are used to help grow this group and connect the goodness in all the awesome things we like to make to help others in need.  Funds will also be used to support the Creativity Shell to fund sewing/textile arts and other creative classes that support positive youth mental heatlh.

A Big Thanks

A huge thank you to everyone that loves to Sew and Loves to Sew a Little Love!  Together with our sewing skills, we will make this world a better place one stitch at a time.

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